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Modern Tools for Survey and Measurements

• Laser Distance meter

We are still using Tapes for measurements. We do spend a lot of resources on our Mobiles, Tablets.

Do we have a device which can communicate with our day to day devices and make our job simple. Yes, can be achieved with a Laser Distance meter from Leica.

1. Can provide measurements inside buildings in few seconds with high accuracy upto +/- 1.5mm.
2. Area measurements made simple
3. Can transfer the results to a smart phone, Android thereby you can have the room measurements with dimensions, same can be mailed from site.

Model S910 from Leica , Distance meter, High end instruments can be used with Point to Point technology- Distance between two points, Area of any irregular Area, Can transfer the measurements through LAN to pc.

Laser based- Three dimensional measuring equipment – Leica 3D Disto can be used to Project / Model a stair case, Detailed 3D study shall result in creating a complete A MODEL with all dimensions of Building, Can project the drawing data to fix bolts, transfer of plumb from Floor to Roof

A Micro Robot – ZOOM 3D from GeoMax , very useful for indoor measurements, Plumbing etc and in out door recognizes the Target – Very useful for Survey and Stake out points.

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