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Mini Prism

Mini Prism

Mini Prism with plastic holder, circular bubble, c/w with (4x30cm), pole. Conveniently stored in the instrument container, Mini Prisms offer a high positional accuracy due to their small size. The GMP111 has a built-in leveling bubble and supplied with an attachable spike. With this arrangement a point can be measured with very high precision.



Special Features:-

With red painted 10cm bands.

Prism can be set (1/4" screw) at every 30cm position.

For all close-range applications involving total stations.

Flexible prism system with four screw-on aluminium rods permitting five different prism heights (10, 40, 70, 100, 130cm).

Range with TPS300: 1500m (4920ft) under average conditions.

Holder and housing of red polymer, fiber-reinforced.

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